Last night of “Tangerine” (7:30 pm) – a film that is grittier than most that we show, and that (frankly) may make some of our fans and friends uncomfortable. The movie details 24 hours in the life of two transgender prostitutes in Los Angeles. We decided to show it, knowing it might put some people off.

So why show it? We are committed to showing a broad range of films – docs, foreign, and independent, as well as the occasional “bigger” movie. Our mission is to entertain, educate, and challenge, and we think this movie does all three. “Tangerine” is truly “Independent” and it will make some feel uncomfortable. This director (Sean Baker) makes smaller films, often about people who are not mainstream. He does it in an authentic way that ignores cliches. The two lead roles are indeed played by transgender women, although they are definitely acting. This is not a documentary. The film portrays their characters as real people.

Much has been made of the fact that the film was shot on an iPhone 5 (albeit with a special lens attachment). Baker makes films that haven’t typically attracted the “big money” and that gives him and his collaborators editorial independence. He is definitely a rogue.

If you haven’t seen “Tangerine” yet, don’t download it online. This film deserves to be seen on a big screen – the super-saturated lighting really gives you the feel of Los Angeles in a way that a computer screen or TV can’t.

Here is an interesting article from The Guardian about “Tangerine”, if you’re curious.


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