“The Music Of Strangers” – Title doesn’t convey the warmth and beauty of this film.

Last night, we had our first screening of “The Music of Strangers”, a doc about Yo-Yo Ma’s interesting musical journey with an amazing group of international artists.

At the beginning of the film, Ma shares that his career started when he was very young – 5 or 6 – and he never “chose” to become a musician. As he got older, he began his own search for meaning in his career. The result was reaching out to a variety of musicians from countries that are part of the former “Silk Road”, which basically spans central and southern asia. This ensemble first got together in 2000 – as an experiment. After 9/11, they were drawn to continue their exploration and collaboration. The ensemble is quite large and we don’t meet every musician. But the ones we do meet are very talented and deeply affecting, telling their stories as an artist, and as a citizen of the world. This charismatic film takes you on quite a journey – to many places, and it is pure joy to watch these artists make music under very unusual circumstances.  It’s difficult to convey how uplifting and enjoyable the film is and what an intimate portrait we see.

We have one more showing, this Sunday, August 14 at 4 pm.  Don’t miss this gorgeous film.  Use the link below to see the trailer.


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