(T)error is a real-life Thriller

This week, we are screening (T)error, a documentary takes you first hand into an FBI sting investigation. More than a thriller however, we get a glimpse of how the FBI actually uses informants to try to identify terrorists before they commit acts of terror.

These methods are dependent upon the talents of people who have perhaps ended up as an informant not by choice. A surprise twist towards the end of the film makes this story even more bizarre and unsettling and provides an even deeper lens into the process.

(T)error won the Special Jury Prize for Break Out First Feature. It is the first documentary to place filmmakers on the ground during an active FBI counterterrorism sting investigation. The filmmakers were fellows at the 2014 Sundance Edit and Story Lab, and received the Creative Promise Award from the Tribeca Film Institute Tribeca All Access program in 2013.

Here’s a recent article from Filmmaker Magazine, with an interview with the directors.

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