Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble: 8/11 @ 7 and 8/14 @ 4 pm

For our debut long weekend at Spring Street Gallery, we are also showing “The Music of Strangers”, the hypnotic, fascinating documentary about The Silk Road Ensemble. Founded in 2000 by Y0-Yo Ma, this group is a very international collaboration of  musicians from many countries, all of them virtuoso, many on culturally-important instruments that aren’t so widely known in the “western” world.

This collaboration is musical, but also political; these artists are transcending boundaries to bring us together.

This documentary is not just talking heads; we follow the Silk Road Ensemble to a number of performances around the world, and the music in the film is gorgeous.  “If the screen went dark during “The Music of Strangers,” that would be a disappointment. But if the sound failed, that would be a tragedy. While this documentary, subtitled “Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble,” is lovely to watch, it’s even more beautiful to hear.” (New York Times review)

To find out more about this unique organization, here’s a link to their website:



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