Emily Dickinson is still an enigma; all the more reason you should see “A Quiet Passion”.


A Quiet Passion, Friday, 5/19 – Monday, 5/22
All screenings at 7:30 pm (at Spring St. Gallery, 110 Spring St. ). Box Office Opens at 7 pm.

Emily Dickinson is an intriguing person. We know quite a bit about her life, but there are many missing pieces. Terrence Davie’s new film, “A Quiet Passion”, is magnificent and provides much depth to our portrait of Dickenson. It is not a documentary and the director has taken his prerogative to interpret history. None-the-less, we guarantee you will walk out of the screening wanting to know more about Emily.

Two screenings remain: Sunday, May 21 and Monday, May 22. Don’t miss

And for an interesting read about Dickinson and her life, this Time article is pretty interesting:    http://time.com/4717501/emily-dickinson-quiet-passion/

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Let’s Support Other Arts Organizations

This Thursday, UPH is holding a fundraising event: The UPH Celebrity Bartender Party. This is one of many events that will enable them to finish their fundraising for the fabulous renovation that will begin this summer. (The end result will be a beautiful theater-in-the-round and our region will benefit by having all kinds of wonder shows coming to this venue regularly. (UPH has teamed up with the Proctor’s Organization!).

So check out this event:

Date:  This Thursday May 18

Time: 5 pm – 9 pm

Where?  Prime at Saratoga National Terrace and Patio


No Cover Charge – Live and Silent Auctions. Come have fun and support UPH.  BTY, this is a Rain or Shine event!  See you there?

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Rochmon Record Club – Tuesday May 16th, 6:30 pm

If you haven’t been to the Rochmon Record Club, and you enjoy great music from the 70’s and 80’s, you’re really missing a great event. The “club” is the brainchild of Chuck Vosganian – a long-time fan of rock and other late last century genres. Every month, Chuck holds a listening party to listen to an iconic album. Last month was Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung”. Chuck plays each individual song, providing really interesting background and commentary on the album, the band members, and other things politically & culturally going on at the time.

The audience is a mix of young and old – the only prerequisite is that you like music. The events are free (donations accepted).


The May Album:  Aja (Steely Dan – 1977)

Location: Caffe Lena, 6:30 pm.

To keep up to date on upcoming sessions, check out Rochmon Record Club on Facebook.

5 Reasons to see “The Lost Bird Project”

inspired by a book titled “Hope Is A Thing With Feathers”, the Lost Bird Project chronicles the life and death of five species of American birds that were once abundant in North America: The Passenger Pigeon, the Carolina Parakeet, the Great Auk, the Labrador Duck, and the Heath Hen. The book goes into great depth on each species, their habits and habitat, and their natural history in the Americas. If you are a bird lover, you will no doubt really enjoy this book. (We recommend it!). And that is all the more reason to see the film, which weaves natural history with the story of artist Todd McGrain. Truly a beautiful film.


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The Lost Bird Project, plus discussion with Noah Savett

This Friday, May 12th, our last screening of Lost Bird Project will conclude with a forum-style discussion with sculptor & metal-artist Noah Savett.  This film provokes serious consideration about our relationship with birds. Even more interesting is how this film and the project create a profound connection between the art and the place. Also, with this film, we can consider the context of the situation, and how it affects the art itself, and our perception or appreciation.

Of course, we’ll also discuss the birds!

Box office opens at 7 pm. Film at 7:30.  (Free coffee and cookies too…)

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