Emily Dickinson is still an enigma; all the more reason you should see “A Quiet Passion”.


A Quiet Passion, Friday, 5/19 – Monday, 5/22
All screenings at 7:30 pm (at Spring St. Gallery, 110 Spring St. ). Box Office Opens at 7 pm.

Emily Dickinson is an intriguing person. We know quite a bit about her life, but there are many missing pieces. Terrence Davie’s new film, “A Quiet Passion”, is magnificent and provides much depth to our portrait of Dickenson. It is not a documentary and the director has taken his prerogative to interpret history. None-the-less, we guarantee you will walk out of the screening wanting to know more about Emily.

Two screenings remain: Sunday, May 21 and Monday, May 22. Don’t miss

And for an interesting read about Dickinson and her life, this Time article is pretty interesting:    http://time.com/4717501/emily-dickinson-quiet-passion/

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