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Well, our Spring/Summer schedule is released. Take a look:


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(T)error is a real-life Thriller

This week, we are screening (T)error, a documentary takes you first hand into an FBI sting investigation. More than a thriller however, we get a glimpse of how the FBI actually uses informants to try to identify terrorists before they commit acts of terror.

These methods are dependent upon the talents of people who have perhaps ended up as an informant not by choice. A surprise twist towards the end of the film makes this story even more bizarre and unsettling and provides an even deeper lens into the process.

(T)error won the Special Jury Prize for Break Out First Feature. It is the first documentary to place filmmakers on the ground during an active FBI counterterrorism sting investigation. The filmmakers were fellows at the 2014 Sundance Edit and Story Lab, and received the Creative Promise Award from the Tribeca Film Institute Tribeca All Access program in 2013.

Here’s a recent article from Filmmaker Magazine, with an interview with the directors.

Thank you Oscar Party Attendees

Thank you to all the patrons and friends who attended our Oscar Party on Oscar Night. It was a successful event for us – reconnecting with patrons and friends, and providing some financial boost to assist with innovative programming in 2016.

Join us on Feb. 28th to Celebrate 23 Years of Distinctive Film, Conversation and Community

Join us on Feb. 28th to Celebrate 23 Years of Distinctive Film, Conversation & Community.

In 1993, a group of friends and neighbors dreamed of creating a local film organization. From the beginning, they sought not just to create a movie house; they wanted to present films that fostered intelligent discussion and education as well as entertainment. Since then, we’ve had a few names, and numerous locations. Despite many changes, in the film business and our city, we’re still dedicated to presenting high quality, distinctive films for entertainment, education and discussion.

Our path has always differed from the for-profit theater model: affordable concessions and tickets and we’re run almost entirely by volunteers. Unlike many local non-profits, we have not focused a lot on fundraising. With the changing film business, that will have to change.

The business is consolidating around blockbusters and non-theatrical Indie screenings.  (The two big buyers at Sundance this year were Netflix and Amazon…) That is a clear signal that we must change our business model.  That said, we won’t let go of our commitment to great film, great discussion, and community.

So…we truly hope you will join us for the Oscar Night fundraising event two weeks from today (Sunday, Feb. 28th, 7 pm at Longfellow’s Restaurant, 500 Union Ave.)  Come as you are…or dress to reflect a favorite movie, character, or genre; we’re movie lovers!  We realize that not everyone is Hollywood-obsessed.  But…the party will be more fun if your attire reflects your film sensibilities.  Movie star? OK. Or reflect your love of a film, a genre, or a character. We will also create a photo-essay that reflects your film interests and passions…

Tickets are $60 ($50 for members). Upgrade your ticket: $10 for a day pass to Oscar-nominated shorts (6 hours of film) on Saturday, 2/27 (1 – 7 pm).

Purchase your tickets on our website:


The Future of the Film Forum

Dear Friends and Patrons,

If you have come to the Forum to see a film this fall, you know that our movie attendance is down, pretty significantly. Overall, our attendance has steadily declined since Bow Tie opened.

The purpose of this letter is not to criticize another theater; it is to let you know how we intend to address our current situation. The film business is changing and consolidating. Very few theaters have a single screen any more; more and more, film distributors require “open-ended” engagements for popular films. In other words, you can’t book many newer films if you’re not willing to run them indefinitely.

Saratoga Film Forum runs a pretty lean organization. But our primary expenses – theater rental, movie rental and projection – are such that we don’t break even until about 135 people see a film each weekend (over three screenings). That’s a minimum of 45 people each and every screening on our typical Thursday, Friday, Sunday schedule. This fall, we tried some expanded screenings: two showings on some nights, some Saturday events. That gave us some boost, but not nearly enough. If you have come to films this fall, or last spring, you know we are not reaching those levels.

This does not mean that we are giving up; our entire board believes there is an important spot for independent cinema in our region, with curated films, speakers and special events. That is why we are going to take a hiatus for a few months from business-as-usual. The hiatus will allow us to schedule meetings and discussions with community members – both frequent patrons, and those who rarely come. It will allow our board to generate new options and ideas and test them out. Finally, we intend to hold special events at least monthly.  We also have a newly convened Documentary committee, and that committee is looking at new options and formats.

We understand that those of you who bought memberships may be particularly concerned. If you are a member at any level, we will “pause” your membership and re-start it when we have a clearer path. If you bought a membership this fall, and want a refund, we will do that. Above all, we hope to maintain the trust and respect of our community as we evaluate our options.

If you are interested in getting involved in re-shaping our future, please contact me at I welcome your involvement and ideas.


Carol Maxwell, Saratoga Film Forum Board President