Update on The Giving Circle and The Queen of Katwe

Thursday, July 27 at 7 pm.

The Giving Circle event last night, screening the film The Queen of Katwe, was a lovely event. Proceeds will be used to support the Giving Circle’s Chess programs at two Ugandan schools.  Chess is not just fun – it is a real brain booster, that supports the development of critical thinking and reasoning, as well as math and language skills.

If you weren’t able to come, you can still help support this wonderful program.  You can sponsor a child directly, or simply make a contribution.  Here’s a link to the specifics about their chess program.

Become a monthly chess sponsor

Please join us Thursday for a Giving Circle Event

We are enthusiastic about the collaborative event, with the Giving Circle, to support their Chess Programs at two orphanages in Uganda. You can make the difference. We have a lovely evening planned – film, food, fun and chess. Advance Tickets are $20 – purchase your ticket now, on our website (Tickets on home page banner.)

See you Thursday night?  (7 pm.)

What's New!

Band Aid

Band Aid – an unconventional RomCom.


Band Aid (which debuted at Sundance last January ’17) is the story of married couple Anna and Ben, who can’t seem stop fighting. Advised by their therapist, they are reminded of their shared love of music. To save their marriage, they decide to turn their fights into song, and with the help of their neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen), they start a band. A story of love, loss, and rock and roll, Band Aid is a witty and perceptive view of modern love.

Run Time: 91 min.
Location: Spa Little Theater, 19 Roosevelt Drive, Saratoga Springs NY
Box Office opens at 7:00 pm
Watch the trailer here.
What critics are saying:
The New York Times review
The Washington Post review.
Sunday, 7/23, at 7:30 pm
Box Office opens at 7 pm

What's New!

Band Aid is back!

As you probably know, getting our DCI projector installed in the Spa Little Theater has been a little more complex than we originally thought. (Need new electrical circuit, for example). So, recently we had to drop the very new, hot Indie film, from our schedule because it’s only available in the format.

Today, we learned that they are going to get us the film in the format we need. That is really special and we are very grateful.

We just finished moving our schedule around – taking out Band Aid. So bear with us – it will take us a day, but Band Aid will be back on.

Band Aid – an unconventional RomCom.

What's New!

Our First Night at the Spa Little Theater is This Saturday, July 22nd

Do you like to dance?

We’re kicking off our first-ever film screening at the Spa Little Theater, with a special film and dance event. Tomorrow night (Thursday), SPAC is hosting a really wonderful Argentinian dance group – Che Malambo. It is an original, traditional type of percussive dance and a wonder to watch. SPAC has also invited a group of Argentine polo players who are here to play polo to display their horses and let folks get to know them. Meanwhile, in the Hall of Springs, they’ll be serving grilled Argentine specialties (Asado). It will be a great night and we hope you can go.

On Saturday, we’ll continue the exploration of Argentine culture with another special event and a special film: Un Noche de Tango: Un Tango Mas (Our Last Tango)

Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes were lovers, dance partners,and artists who did the most to take tango from the streets of Buenos Aires to Broadway and beyond. They also endured as much backstage drama as any friction-fueled rock band, dancing together for years after they were divorced and hardly speaking to each other. Listening to their story mostly from the side of the spurned wife and fleshing out her memories with transporting reenactments, Our Last Tango balances between a studious fascination with Tango history and an embrace of the passions it stokes.

The film is wonderful, but we’re going to dance too. Are you an experienced Tango dancer? You’ll love this event. Interested, but don’t know how? No problem. Tango Fusion Dance Company is partnering with us, for a night of Dance, Film, Food, and Fun.

The event starts at 6:30 with Food and Drink, Tango lessons (for beginners up to people who need a little refresher. And of course, if you’re an experience dancer, join in and provide inspiration!)

At 7:15, Tango Fusion will share some of the history of Tango, and then we’ll watch the film.

At 9 pm, the dancing starts, with more food, desserts, and drink.

Tickets are $15 (advance purchase), or $20 at the door. Use our online store to purchase advance tickets.

What's New!

Restless Creature – 2 Encore Screenings this Sunday and Monday (9th & 10th)

We are bringing back Restless Creature for two more screenings, due to popular demand. We still have a few seats remaining for each show (this Sunday and Monday, at 7:30 pm). If you missed this NY Times Critics Pick film about NYC Ballet star Wendy Whelan, now’s the chance. Click on the Tickets banner on our website, which takes you to our online store.

Sunday and Monday, July 9th & 10th
7:30 pm – at Spring St. Gallery, 110 Spring St.
Run Time: 1 hr. 34 min, Not Rated

Watch the trailer here.

What's New!