Toni Erdmann (foreign film – Germany)

4/21 - 4/24 - Friday - Monday. All shows at 7:30 pm at Spring St. Gallery, 110 Spring St. Box office opens at 7 pm. Members, please bring your member card to help speed ticketing.

A hilarious yet deeply sweet comedy about a father trying to connect with his grown daughter. NY Times Critics Pick

Toni Erdmann

Toni Erdmann

“Toni Erdmann,” written and directed by Maren Ade, is its own kind of rebellion, a thrilling act of defiance against the toxicity of doing what is expected, on film, at work and out in the world. It is named for its improbable hero, the outrageous alter ego Winfried impersonates during his visit to Bucharest.

NY Times Critics Pick; This very funny and very thoughtful film, pairs carefully constructed, three-dimensional characters in a tenderly funny character study that’s both genuinely moving and incredibly funny.

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Rated R
Run Time: 2 hr 40 min.